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Sarah Pelligrini

Head Coach, 2010 Girls Blue

Assistant Coach, 2010 Girls Orange

Co-Coach, 2008 Girls Gray

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is to develop a positive environment for the advancement of soccer, soccer skills, and the knowledge of the game.  I believe the idea of winning is not necessarily the first goal, instead that by improving the skill level and knowledge of the game, winning will be the end result.  Soccer belongs to the players.  I believe a coach is only as good as the conduct exhibited by his or her players.  

Coaching Experience

SDA 2008 and 2010 (2021-present)

West Sharks (2017-2021)

Western Onondaga Youth Soccer Association (2016-2020)


11v11 Grassroots 

9v9 Blended Grassroots

7v7 Blended Grassroots

National D License

Playing Experience

Blitz (former elite club) 7 years

- State Champions

- Regional Champions

- National Champions

- National Indoor Champions


Westhill High School

- State Champions


Due to an unfortunate car accident, I was no longer able to play at a competitive level.  


 "Sarah has been a huge advocate for our daughter, not only in educating her in the game of soccer, but by being a resounding example of a strong, supportive female role model in her life.  Our daughter's player development on and off the field are a direct reflection of the time, evergy, and support that has been extended to her, and her teammates.  Sarah continues to be a huge advocate for all of the girls, and continues to put what's best for them first.  Not only in her words, but in her actions.  Her approach is refreshing and inspiring to everyone who plays for her.  We are so grateful our daughter has Sarah in her corner!"


"As a former player myself, I find that I have a particular perspective.  Having been coached by several people over the years, experiencing the good and the bad, we couldn't be more fortunate to have found Sarah.  After every training session, and every game, our daughter is more and more excited to play.  Her skill level and development has elevated dramatically due to Sarah's coaching and the way she delivers constructive criticism to her players;  Always coming to seek to understand first, and then to educate.  To say we are thankful is a huge understatement."


"Sarah is the best.  She has always put what is best for the kids first in every decision.  She is constantly looking to offer them opportunities to grow, not only in the game of soccer, but most importantly in their character.  We have witnessed her bring together the most unassuming group of kids and facilitate a space for them to build trust with one another.  They have quickly become a strong, supportive, unit.  The way they support each other on AND OFF the field is due to the example that has been set for them by Sarah.  She continues to be a mentor for our daughter.  We love coach Sarah!"

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