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SDA Futures



SDA Futures is designed to develop all youth athletes. Players will develop their skills, physicality and field sense while promoting good sportsmanship.

Players receive training based on a specific curriculum for ages 6-9. SDA Futures is the Initial Stage for players looking to develop their love for the game with in a team environment.


Sessions are led by professionally licensed coaches and former or current SDA players.

By the end of the season players should be capable of

• Handling the ball with both feet and both hands

• Occupying the original position during the game once an action is finished

• Basic coordinated movements with & without the ball


Training Details


30 min Skills Session


30 min Small-sided 4v4



5 PM – 6 PM

@ SDA Training Center

Syracuse Development Academy SDA Youth Development Program Soccer

Initial Stage Breakdown (U6 – U7)

Young players from ages 6 to 7 love to play. All practices should be based on fun games! Individual and collective games are essential for the player at this age to experiment with the ball.


Players must spend the maximum time possible in contact with the ball and experiment by themselves. Basic motor skills like walking, running or jumping have to be combined with ball handling and ball control.

For the first time, the player builds a relationship with other players. We give different responsibilities to the players in order to develop teamwork skills.

Curriculum Objectives

  • Scrimmage: Take up good positions during the game

  • Technical: Improve basic individual technique

  • Physical: Develop coordination and basic motor skills with and without the ball

Technical Emphasis

  • Passing and Receiving

  • Dribbling

  • Shooting

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