Youth Development Program

YDP is designed to develop ALL youth athletes. 

All players will develop their skills, physicality and field sense while promoting good sportsmanship.


Players receive training based on a specific curriculum for ages 4 - 8. YDP is the Initial Stage for players.

Sessions are run by professionally licensed coaches.

Initial Stage Breakdown (U4 – U8)

• Young players from ages 4 to 8 love to play. Therefore, all practices should be based on fun games!

• Players must spend the maximum time possible in contact with the ball and experiment by themselves.

• For the first time, the player builds a relationship with other players. We give different responsibilities to the players in order to develop teamwork skills.

• Individual and collective games are essential for the player at this age to experiment with the ball.


• Basic motor skills like walking, running or jumping have to be combined with ball handling and ball control.

By the end of the season the player should be capable of:

Handling the ball with both feet and both hands.

Occupying the original position during the game once an action is finished.

Basic coordinated movements with and without the ball.​


Technical Emphasis

Passing and Receiving




Curriculum Objectives

Scrimmage: Take up good positions during the game

Technical: Improve basic individual technique

Physical: Develop coordination and basic motor skills with and without the ball.

Psychosocial: Increase confidence with the ball.