At this point technical breakdowns should be specific to a single error that the coaching staff can address and correct. Players who are not performing at 80% proficiency should be doing more outside of organized training to catch up.

Advanced technical skills such as bending passes and shots on goal are good ways to continue to challenge and engage your players to continue to work with the ball.


Risk/safety issues should be nearly mastered at this point in time. Peers alone will let a player know when they put the team at a disadvantage from poor decisions. Coaches will make sure players are fully aware of the tactical results of poor risk/safety issues for the team.

Transition is now a vital component of success and failure for the players. An introduction of what transition represents and where it fits in the scheme of the game is now appropriate.

Positional understanding and team shape and execution of formations is now in the players’ realm of understanding. Coaches can begin to identify how the team’s formation interacts with the opponent’s formation and possibly what kinds of adjustments are needed to gain advantage.