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Three Siblings Advance from SDA to D1 Soccer

Sophia, Grace, and Niko Dimkopoulos are all SDA alumni who continued their soccer careers at Siena college. All three siblings joined the Saints after high school and are playing D1 soccer for the school. We had the opportunity to interview the siblings and get an inside look on what it's like going to college and playing soccer with your siblings.

Grace was the final sibling to join the Saints. Grace played on the SDA Girls 2002 team and is a Freshman this year at Siena. When we asked Grace what made her choose Siena college she said, “I chose Siena College for their academics, athletics, and the chance to play under Coach Karbowski’s leadership. I visited almost 10 schools and met with various teams and coaches, yet I kept coming back to Siena because I believed it was the perfect fit for me. If anyone knows my siblings and I, they know that we have always been very close. This unique opportunity for all three of us has allowed us to continue that relationship.”

Niko, from our SDA Boys 2001 team is a Junior at Siena. “My experience at SDA was awesome! It was great being a part of such a dedicated club who always wanted the best for the players. I also met some of my best friends who I keep in touch to this day.” Niko feels the same way as Grace when it comes to Siena. “Siena college has always been a great academic school. They also have a very high percentage conversion rate for graduating students getting a job right out of college. For soccer purposes, Siena sports play in the MAAC conference which is a highly competitive Division 1 conference. When I read up on teams, this was a great conference that I love being in.”

Sophia, from our SDA Girls 1999 team is a senior at Siena. We asked Sophia what is was like to play on the same team as her sister. She said, “I love playing on the same team as Grace! We were fortunate enough to play together in High School and I never thought we would play on the same field again! Grace and I train together when we are home, go at each other 1v1, and we push each other to be the best. The competition and drive we both have when we play together is only stronger now that we are back playing on the same team again!”

When talking about SDA, Sophia noted, “SDA did a great job preparing me for college soccer. The competitiveness of the teams we were playing against in the National League and at the big tournaments matched the competitiveness of the college competition. The tournaments we traveled to every weekend prepared me well for the away games, overnight trips, and getting used to doing homework in a moving car/bus. Weekly practices and weekend games allowed me to grasp organizational and time management skills in terms of balancing schoolwork and soccer.”

We asked Sophia what is was like being a senior during this difficult time. She responded, “My senior year has definitely not been the senior year I expected to have. But I have been fortunate enough to be on campus this semester where I know other people are doing their senior year from home. So, although many things are different, we have been adjusting to the situation, following the guidelines, and making the best out of the senior year we still were able to get!” Sophia plans to attend Syracuse University’s Didactic Program after graduating from Siena to get her master’s in nutrition science.

“Sophia has always been a great role model, and even though we have always played different positions I have always admired her work ethic and positive attitude on and off the field. Having the opportunity to play with her this year makes it all that much better.” – Grace Dimkopoulos

All three Dimkopoulos siblings are looking forward to their spring season. “I look forward to my first season in the Spring. Hoping that we get the chance to play, I am excited to make an impact on the team and get the chance to play with my sister.”


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