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Best of SDA from Home Challenge

We hope that all of our SDA families keep safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. We continue to be extremely thankful for the strong bonds within the SDA community, and pleased to say that our players are staying connected while staying apart.

Zoom Meeting with Coach Jim Baranello and the 2008 Girls:

Additionally, as we have some time off from training together, we've started an SDA from Home challenge. Over the next few weeks we're asking players to submit videos completing some fun soccer training challenges. Thank you to our players and their families for all of the videos and photos submitted thus far, you can watch them below!

First, a special thank you to our 2009 Girls team for the following video, creatively showcasing their SDA pride. As a team we will battle through adversity together- we are strong alone, but unstoppable together!

Now for the challenges...

Challenge #1: Juggling without Hands

Jack Dutter from our Boys 2009 team:

Chase Hornsey from our 2003 Boys team and his sister Addison, an SDA Alum:

Connor Coombs from our 2009 Boys team:

Sergio Falso from our 2010 Boys team:

Challenge #2: Crossbar Challenge

Mia Wright from our 2007 Girls team:

Gianluca Quattrocchi from our 2009 Boys team:

Ellie McMahon from our 2008 Girls team:

Owen Gratz from our 2009 Boys team:

Rihanna Pena from our 2007 Girls team:

Bryan Schrader from our 2009 Boys team:

Kat Probst from our 2005 Girls team:

And our first SDA parent to complete the challenge!

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