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SDA Announces New Club Partnership

SDA is excited to announce our new partnership with TC Waza!

TC WAZA is a premier soccer club located in the Ithaca area that focuses on tactical development and fitness training to further develop its players' abilities on and off the field.

“I’m very excited to partner with SDA Syracuse,” says TC Waza Director of Coaching for Girls, Maureen Whitehead. “They will see that we intend to continue delivering high-quality coaching and seek competition that enhances their training. We will continue to focus on development. But while we were growing on our own in terms of level of play, we were going to continue to face roadblocks to opportunities and resources as a smaller club. Partnering with SDA Syracuse opens up doors that have been all but shut on us.” Waza will work with SDA in providing programming opportunities for players through training and games.

“SDA Syracuse is extremely excited to partner with TC Waza Soccer Academy coaches and players. Our goal is to provide more opportunities and relationships for players to develop as quickly as possible” commented SDA Syracuse Director of Coaching, Steve Axtell.

We are so delighted to welcome SDA-WAZA to our family! Through this partnership, we are optimizing development and opportunities for all Syracuse Development Academy players.

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