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SDA Announces BC United Partnership

We are excited to announce our second partnership for the 2019-2020 season. SDA will be teaming up with Binghamton's own BC United. The 2019 season is projected to be our best yet, combining players, coaches, and facilities in the upstate New York area. SDA Syracuse, BC United, and SDA Waza have merged the Ithaca, Binghamton, and Syracuse area for a knockout 2019 season.  

SDA’s Director of Coaching and Club Standards Steve Axtell says “It’s a fantastic partnership that makes sense on many levels. It will allow players to have greater opportunities than were previously attainable. By providing more in-house training sessions and games within the Binghamton/Ithaca/Syracuse players, it will give more chances to develop while also limiting the financial burden and weekly travel to families. By collaborating between the three existing clubs, we can get really creative with our programming and provide the correct atmosphere for each age group. Some groups will start to join in these training environments right away, some groups may start more gradual. But the aim is for a larger geographical area to work together toward common Development goals under the same curriculum.”

BC United is also looking forward to this partnership and its exciting possibilities. Paul Marco, BC United’s Director of Coaching says, “we have been discussing the possibilities of working together for some time and to see it come together is terrific.” BC United noted the similar core values between SDA, SDA Waza and themselves; with this foundation the opportunities for this partnership are endless.

Combining the best soccer minds and talents of upstate New York, the future of our players is our number one goal. Through this partnership, we are able to provide elite college placement guidance throughout the recruitment process for all our players at every level. We offer every level of competition from the local to the national level. 

Michael Paolini, SDA’s Director of Soccer states, “SDA Syracuse is extremely excited to partner with BC United, coaches and players. Our goal is to provide more opportunities and relationships for players to further enhance player development. We are so delighted to welcome BC United to our family!” 

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