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Four SDA Players Honored as 'All-CNY Player of The Year'

All four of the soccer stars honored in this year’s All-CNY High School Sports Awards train with Syracuse Development Academy. The ceremony, organized by, was held June 13th at the Landmark Theatre in downtown Syracuse.

Kelsey DeLola and Nate Hanna of Baldwinsville won for large schools. David Bosak of Marcellus and Delaney Rutan of Cincinnatus won for small schools. Here are mini profiles of each:


WHY HE LOVES SOCCER: "I chose soccer because I wanted to be like my dad. At just 2 weeks old, I attended my first soccer game, watching my dad play in a local men's league. Fast forward to now. I play almost every day, and coach and referee. As the years passed, I realized there was more to it than just kicking the ball around to impress my dad. I saw the way the game brought strangers, friends and enemies together. It was an outlet for people to forget about all the problems that they faced off the field. At a young age I was exposed to the overwhelming passion for the world's favorite sport. And just like that I fell in love with the beautiful game."

HIS POSITION: "I've played all over the place, but my favorite is probably attacking mid."

DURING HIS HIGH SCHOOL SEASON: Scored 24 goals and had 12 assists for a team that went 11-6.

AWARDS: First team All-State for the second year in a row.

HOW HE PREPARES FOR GAMES: "I don't talk to many people throughout the day and I say a quick prayer before the first whistle." 

HIS PLANS: "I'll be at Onondaga Community College next year playing soccer and golf and working toward my business degree. After that I'll look to take soccer to another level." 


WHY SHE LOVES SOCCER: “Out of all the activities I could have played I chose soccer because of the speed of play, creativity you can bring to the game, and the competitive aspect. When I was growing up, I constantly had a ball at my feet and just developed a love for the game.”

HER POSITION: “I play center mid but have pretty much played every other position besides goalie at some point.”

DURING HER HIGH SCHOOL SEASON:  Scored 13 goals and added seven assists on the season.

AWARDS: Named an All-American by the United Soccer Coaches Association; three years All-State, including first team in 2018; two years All-East Region; four years All-League; three years All-CNY, three years All-Section and Section III Player of the Year. 

HOW SHE PREPARES FOR GAMES:  “I make sure I eat well before, drink plenty of water, get a good amount of sleep and mentally prepare myself.”

HER PLANS: “I’m going to play soccer at Villanova University. I am going in undecided, but will most likely study business.”


WHY HE LOVES SOCCER: “I play soccer because it is fun! I love the pressure and the role of being a goalkeeper, making saves and keeping the ball out of the net.”

HIS POSITION: Goalkeeper.

DURING HIS HIGH SCHOOL SEASON: Led the Bees to the state Class AA championship game; made 71 saves and gave up only 6 goals all season. The Bees recorded 18 shutouts in their 19-2 season.

AWARDS: Named an All-American by the United Soccer Coaches Association; also a first team All-State selection. 

HOW HE PREPARES FOR GAMES: “I just stay focused from the car ride there to warmups.”

HIS PLANS: “I will be attending Oneonta State where I will be working my way to a technology education degree." Nate will also be playing soccer at Oneonta.


WHY SHE LOVES SOCCER: “Choosing soccer to be my sport came easy. To me, soccer is so much more than just a sport. It brings me happiness when nothing seems to be going right. It reminds me that there is so much more to this world. Coming from a small school, we don’t have many options for sports. If you want to play a sport in the fall, you have one option: soccer. So everyone plays. This is the only time when we have enough to actually field a team. Playing soccer for my high school was one of the best experiences of my life. The memories we made could last a lifetime. Soccer made me who I am today, and I never want to let that side of me go away.”

HER POSITION: “I scored 121 goals throughout my high school career. With that being said, I didn’t only play forward. In many tough games I played center midfield, in attempt to slow the other team down. I have experienced playing time in almost every position on the field.”

DURING HER HIGH SCHOOL SEASON:  Led her team to a Section III championship and to the state semifinals in Class D; scored 121 career goals and 61 assists.

AWARDS: First team All-State. 

HOW SHE PREPARES FOR GAMES: “At the end of every practice, we have the coach yell ‘BEAT,’ and we yell our opponent’s name.”

HER PLANS: “This fall I will study health at Ithaca College, while playing on their collegiate team.”

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