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Forward Chosen For ESPN ‘Excellence’ Honor

SDA 01 Boys forward Scott Compson was selected as the ESPN Fueling Excellence Athlete of the Week after scoring four goals in a game that went to double overtime.

The Port Byron/Union Spring Wolves wound up winning 5-4 over Spencer-Van Etten in their first game of the season.

Compson scored three goals in the first half, and a fourth in the second to put the Wolves up 4-3 in the final minute of regulation play. Then Spencer-Van Etten forced the extra sessions.

“We pulled it out at the end,” Compson explains in an interview. Compson likes his sport “because you’re always moving around. There’s always something happening.” He tried baseball when he was younger but found the pace of the game too slow. He has experience playing center midfield, but Compson says he prefers the position forward or striker. 

He intends to play soccer in college and is looking for a school with a strong physical therapy major.

As for the Wolves’ prospects this season, Compson says, “We’re 3-1 right now. We’ve got a little bit of of a hard road ahead of us, but I think we can pulpit out and at least make it to sectionals.”

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