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DOC Message: Updated Curriculum and Club Standards

I am pleased to share that SDA has a completely updated and revamped curriculum for each age, as well as a comprehensive document that outlines our standards of club culture. The curriculum was created over the past six months, with major emphasis on the mental/physical/technical/tactical standards for each stage of development. This curriculum outlines our age-specific and holistic approach to developing the entire child, and ultimately develop our young players to maximize their potential in the sport.

We have had curriculum meetings with coaches and have more of them planned throughout the next few months. Our coaches are educated on these standards and we have asked that they all follow them with your children. Once your son or daughter has been in our program for a couple of years, they will then be on track with national standards and will have the best chance to keep developing throughout every stage of their playing careers!

The Club Standards document features Codes of Conduct for our coaches, parents, and players, the Rights of Youth Players, Needs of Youth Players, Interaction Guidelines and Gameday Considerations, as well as Coaching Objectives. All of these documents can be found on our website, and I would ask that you please take a look. Players develop quicker when their parents are educated about what their young player should be learning, and when their parents can maintain a healthy relationship with the club, team, and coach. Once you have looked these over, please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these topics!

– Steve Axtell

Director of Coaching

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