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Coach Highlight: Tommy Tanner

Tommy Tanner coaches our SDA Boys 2008 team and has been with the 2004 boys for the past several years. Tommy has been coaching with SDA for over 10 years and has a tremendous background in soccer and coaching.

Tommy played professional soccer for over 14 years. Due to his passion and love for the sport of soccer, he decided to become a coach. Tommy has been coaching youth soccer for over 22 years. In an interview, Tommy said, “My favorite part of youth coaching is seeing players development and helping them have success at the next level. That could be helping them to have success in making their high school team, college team and/or playing at the professional level.” In addition, Tommy coached at the professional level for the Syracuse Salty Dogs and the Syracuse Silver Knights. Tommy’s favorite indoor team is Utica City FC and his favorite outdoor team is Barcelona. When asked about his favorite player he said Lionel Messi for “creativity to beat players off the dribble.”

Tommy has worked with more SDA teams than any other SDA coach due to his experience and longevity with the program. His favorite SDA memory is helping coach the SDA 2000 girls to the regional title and having the opportunity to fight for the national championship.

We asked Tommy his opinion about the quality of SDA overall. He said, “I think SDA is a terrific development program that always has the players best interest in mind. SDA’s quality of coaching sets it apart from all other programs. I think SDA is the only program in the area that is comprehensive and helps players to get to the next level. The college opportunities it presents to players is tops in the area.”

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