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Coach Highlight: Nick Calo

Nick Calo joined SDA last year, coaching the 06/07 Girls Orange team. Since then, he has taken on the 2011 Boys Orange team in addition to the 06/07 Girls.

Nick, like much of the SDA family, has a deep love for the game of soccer. “I played every sport I could find as a kid until I realized soccer gave me the most passion and joy. I have been studying the game ever since.” He started off his soccer career at Liverpool High School. He continued playing at Onondaga Community College followed by St. John Fisher College. After playing competitive soccer for 22 years, he decided to turn his passion into his career.

“Nicks connection with the kids is very good at this age level. Keeping the kids challenged and having fun in a competitive environment is what it's all about. Nick has done a fantastic job with them all.” – Michael Paolini, SDA President

Nick started off his coaching career as the assistant coach for the St. John Fisher Men’s team. He also started coaching club soccer with the Syracuse Fusion Soccer Club. He carried on his coaching career to Orlando Florida, where he was the assistant coach at Stetson University, an NCAA Division 1 team. Nick was also the Assistant Director of Coaching for the Orlando City Soccer Club’s youth academy. Now, he is the assistant coach at Utica College and Youth Development Director at SDA.

“The thing I love about coaching is people-building. I love to see a young athlete transform into the person he or she will become. I love seeing a shy kid come out of his/her shell and find confidence in themselves. I love to see an over-confident girl/boy become a proper leader. I love to see a kid light up and smile at me and their parents after they score a goal because they know they made everyone proud.”

Nicks favorite SDA aspect is the training sessions. “I truly enjoy interacting with the players I’ve coached here. It’s so fun just to be training with them and the banter and jokes we share.”

“Having worked in youth soccer as a full-time job for several years, I've seen a lot of clubs and interacted with a lot of club leaders and directors, SDA is flat out one of the good ones. The coaches care a lot about the product that steps onto the field and they take ownership of it.”

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