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Coach Highlight: Lauren Wiese

Coach Lauren Wiese has been with SDA since 2007; she currently coaches our girls 2009 team and is going on her second year with this group. Lauren has been playing soccer since middle school and still plays recreationally with CNYFSC and SISC. Lauren also coaches the girls high school team in Skaneateles where she also teaches Spanish! Lauren has a passion for the sport of soccer and teaching young minds how to become the best player they can be. When asked her favorite part of coaching she responded, “Oh gosh. My favorite part about coaching. I would have to say being able to continue growing and evolving with a sport that I have always believed is played by intelligent and talented athletes. It takes so much work, mentally and physically, to play the game of soccer. So I find it such an awesome challenge to coach such a complicated sport.” 

Lauren noted her favorite coaching memory with SDA was at this past summer's MAC tournament in Pennsylvania; with the same 2009 Girls SDA team. “Two years ago we had gone to the same tournament and lost in the finals to a very good team. This past summer we returned and made it to the finals after playing some really impressive soccer all weekend. I got to the field the morning of the final and from about 100 yards away I could see the girls in a huddle with their arms around each other… Best moment ever. We did win the championship and there were some dramatic moments...including a full volley goal.” Lauren went on to talk about teaching young players the importance of patience and hard work. In this game, her team applied exactly that. 

Lauren’s favorite soccer team is Real Madrid, due to her connection with Spanish and Spain. She said, “It was my first experience at a huge futbol stadium (in 1998) and I have seen them play probably 15 times since at the Bernabéu. I have a massive connection, being a Spanish teacher, to Spain. My colleague and I take a group of students there every year and a trip to the Bernabéu is always on the itinerary. Our first trip was in 1998.” Lauren went on to say her favorite players include Sergio Ramos, Raúl, Isco, Dani Carvajal and Luca Modrić. “They all offer different pieces to the overall beauty of the game. And they remind me that skill and talent most of the time aren’t have to have a loyalty to the game and to the team.” 

When asked about SDA specifically, Lauren said, “I am proud to coach for SDA. Our leaders demand such a high level of professionalism regarding coaching methodologies/curriculums and communication with parents, players, and colleagues...The environment at SDA is full of energy and I have learned millions of things from every coach in this club. They make you want to teach kids every detail about the game...the details that most people don’t see but absolutely matter the most!” 

“I love the coaching environment that surrounds SDA. I get to coach alongside some of the most brilliant, hard working people and for that I am so thankful.”

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