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Coach Highlight: Bo Jelovac

This month's coach highlight goes to our 2009 SDA Boys head coach Bo Jelovac. Bo has been playing soccer since he was five years old and has a tremendous amount of experience and passion for the sport of soccer. Bo has contributed to SDA by teaching the foundations of soccer to our younger players.

Bo grew up playing soccer in Serbia. He continued his soccer career at the University of Albany with a full ride to play division 1 soccer when he was 19. From there, Bo had the opportunity to play with professional soccer programs all over the world. Bo played for professional teams in the Czech Republic and Serbia after college. He later returned to the United States where he joined the Syracuse Silver Knights and shortly after, began coaching for SDA.

In an interview, Bo said, “I love to coach the young kids and teach them all the soccer fundamentals.. We spend a lot of time working on dribbling, shooting, moves, turns, juggling, passing, speed and agility.” One of his favorite parts about coaching is helping develop players and preparing them to succeed with their next coaches.

“SDA overall is best youth soccer club in central New York. The club is focused on developing young players and their are so many great coaches in the club. I would definitely recommend SDA to every kid who wants to play soccer.”

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