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Coach Highlight: Ben Ramin

He’s giving back to the sport he loves.

After decades of playing soccer, Ben Ramin is coaching.

He grew up in the sport. He was 3 when his family opened the CNY Family Sports Centre, where thousands of Central New Yorkers have played in soccer games and where, today, he is general manager.

He trained with SDA when it was called Empire United, with coaches including Jeff Knittel and Michael Paolini. Ramin played forward throughout high school, at Baldwinsville, and he was CNYCL Player of the Year in 2011.

He played in college at Syracuse University — including on the team that went to the Sweet 16 in 2012 — and at the University New Hampshire.

Today, when he’s not coaching the SDA 2006 Boys Swoosh team, or the SDA 2010 Boys, Ramin plays professionally as a defender in the Major Arena Soccer League for Utica City FC.

He enjoys coaching. 

“I enjoy giving back what I’ve learned from my coaches and from my experiences during my career,” Ramin says. “It’s really rewarding to see the kids respond to what you’re teaching them and see how they’re able to find answers in the sport of soccer on their own and develop and grow.”

He says both of his SDA teams are comprised of supportive parents and players who arrive to training sessions motivated and ready to work.

“My goal for each player is for them to improve with every opportunity they have,” he says. Ramin, 25, is serious about soccer, and he likes connecting with his team. 

“I think my players would say they are able to express themselves freely as soccer players in an environment where I’m challenging them, but also letting them be creative.”

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