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Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Chamberlain

Lauren Chamberlain, an SDA graduate from our 2001 Girls team, had a standout freshman season playing D1 soccer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Lauren has been with SDA since she was 10 years old. SDA prepared her for the collegiate level and speed of play. The freshman led her team with points, securing 4 goals, 3 assists, and 2 game-winning goals! The New Jersey Institute of Technology Women's soccer team made it to their conferences’ semi-finals this season, showcasing their amazing talent on the field. In an interview, Lauren said, “SDA gave me the opportunity to be seen by colleges all over the States. The training sessions got me technically ready for coaches focused on footwork, finishing and passing as well as speed of play. The tournaments we were able to attend because of our team's caliber helped me be recruited. The competition we had helped me to develop fast decision-making skills and a fast speed of play.” 

Lauren attributed her success to her coaches throughout her years at SDA. Lauren noted Coach Lauren Wiese, teaching her the fundamentals of soccer at a young age and Coach Michael Paolini promoting her and still supporting her in her college career. Lauren stated, “Then there's Michael Kirmse, who taught me to push myself when I didn't think I could go any harder. He played a major role in my technical development.” Lauren’s most recent, and final SDA coach, Tommy Tanner helped her develop into the stand our forward she is today. Lauren said, “he always pushed me and put me in so many positions that helped me to be such a versatile player. I had been a midfielder my whole life before I had Coach Tommy. He helped make me into the forward I am today. All of the coaches still check up on me to see how I'm doing with college soccer which really attests to how much they care about their players.” 

Lauren’s favorite SDA memory was winning the NPL Championship with her team in 2018. She said, “We all fought so hard to win for each other even though the conditions were very hot. Our team was so fun to be around and that game specifically reminded me of how fun soccer can be when you have awesome teammates who love to win and work hard for each other.” Lauren's favorite memory with her college team was their win over Liberty in the quarterfinals of their conference championship. Lauren said, “ We were down 1-0 but I scored to tie it up and then a sophomore Fiona Wright scored the second to propel us to the semifinals. That was the best win of my career to date. Our entire team played a role in our win with everyone fighting to work for each other and the celebration was amazing. Just an unbelievable comeback!” 

Lauren's soccer inspiration is Tobin Heath. “She is such a small but powerful player and as someone who is also never the biggest and strongest player on the field, I aspire to make an impact like her with my technical abilities and game intelligence.”

Lauren is so grateful for everything SDA has brought her and she is excited for her future at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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