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Alumni Spotlight: Kaitlyn Walsh

Kaitlyn Walsh, from our SDA Girls 1999 team has had an amazing career playing D1 soccer at the University of Buffalo. Kaitlyn is headed into her senior year with 11 goals, 5 assists, and 5 game winning goals. Her junior year, she one of six Bulls to start all 20 games.

“SDA has prepared me for collegiate soccer by exposing me to such a high level of play and having the opportunity to play with so many talented players.” Kaitlyn praised SDA in an interview for the preparation they provided her with to thrive in the college environment. Kaitlyn said, “Coach Pao and Kirmse have given me great soccer advice that has made me a better player.” She noted that under the guidance of her SDA coaches, she gained confidence in her abilities, preparing her mentally for collegiate soccer.

“One of my favorite college soccer memories is last fall, having the game winning goal in OT against Western Michigan. It was an important game for us at the time, and it was a fulfilling and exciting moment with my teammates. Another top moment from last season is getting to travel to Oregon, seeing the Nike Headquarters, and playing the Women’s soccer team at Oregon!” Kaitlyn described her favorite SDA memories including traveling with her team to Florida, Texas, and Las Vegas. “The best soccer moments I’ve had with my teammates on SDA have been winning a number of state cup and regional championships as well as making it to the national championship in Frisco, Texas.”

Kaitlyn stated that her soccer inspiration is UB Women’s Soccer Alumni, Carissima Cutrona. “Carissima was a great leader for our team and has led us to so much success as a program. She was unstoppable, resilient, and a very hard worker. She overcame several obstacles and despite her several injuries, she continued to always stay positive and be a role model for so many of us.”

When Kaitlyn was asked what advice she’d give to younger players, she said, “Expand your knowledge, reach out to schools you’re interested in, have confidence, and use every day as an opportunity to improve and get better.”

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