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Alumni Spotlight: Alex Epifani

Alex Epifani, an SDA alum, has earned Third Team All-American Honors at the collegiate level for the second year in a row. The junior forward at Ithaca College recently closed out another stand out season for the Bombers. Alex led the team in points with 5 goals, 6 assists, and 52 shots for a total of 16 points. Alex played with our SDA 1999 Girls team, which made it all the way to the National Championships in 2014 and received 2nd place for girls teams in the nation.

Alex started playing soccer when she was three years old; her dad was her first coach. Alex played with SDA for 4 years where she learned the foundations and the mental challenges of the game before heading off to play at the collegiate level. In an interview, Alex said, “SDA taught me that all coaches and players see things differently, and I’ve stayed true to the player that I’ve always been. It gave me the goal to be apart of every play, so that is something I worked hard at before getting to college.”

Alex accredits her success to her coaches and her former SDA and current Ithaca teammate, Megan O’Reilly. Megan O’Reilly also had a stand-out season earning a spot on the All-Regional team. Alex said,”My favorite aspect of the game is the relationships built on and off the field… I’m honored to play next to a former SDA player who has become one of my closest friends. Surrounding yourself with people like Megan while on the field and off, is very important to to players success.”

SDA is so proud to prepare our players to play successful soccer at the collegiate level. We are also proud to create lifelong friends through the sport of soccer. We can’t wait to see what your senior year brings, amazing job Alex!

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