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2019 Season Outlook

A strong turnout at ID sessions helps predict strong season:

About 600 boys and girls made plans to train with SDA by attending player identification sessions in July. 

“The kids were really, really focused this year,” Paolini said of the players at the sessions. “We are hopeful that we can have two teams in every age group again. That creates a good, competitive tiered system.

“All of the top soccer clubs in the country have multiple teams in the same age groups, and kids can move up and down throughout the year, based on performance.”

Paolini says many SDA teams this season will compete in the Eastern Development Program or EDP League, and some will compete in the Thruway League. In addition, teams will attend various tournaments and showcase events throughout the season. 

People who missed the player identification sessions can still sign up to train with SDA by completing this form

The 2018-2019 season produced six State Cup Champion teams, and two teams played for national titles: Coach Shannon Colton’s ’03 Boys and Coach Mike Kirmse’s ’03 Girls. All four All-CNY Players of the Year were SDA players. And, 54 graduating seniors from SDA are going on to play soccer in college.

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