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From the Director of Coaching


New Curriculum Creates Checklist for Player Development

As we enter the spring, I want to take a moment to discuss some new club initiatives to look forward to. SDA will be rolling out a new curriculum to start the 2019/2020 season.


Each age group will have a comprehensive blueprint that will be made public this summer. Included in these are the ideas and topics each coach will be teaching to that age group within the four facets of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychosocial.


Each age will have a detailed warm-up with injury prevention exercises tailored to their developmental stage, as well as a cool-down routine meant to maximize recovery and retain the information given that session. Each age group and team will be part of a broad spectrum of development, one that spans our youngest ages in YDP to our older players getting ready to play in college.

Steven Axtell

Director of Coaching

Players, parents and coaches will now be able to look ahead in this spectrum to see the aspects of the game needed as the player grows older. In doing so, coaches will have a series of “check-list” items that players will need to learn within their team in order to be on track for the next coach and age year.


The curriculum will also serve as a guide to our style of play, our formation at each age and the tactical pieces involved to get players ready for each new stage of the game.


I am extremely excited about this initiative and think it will give a clear idea to all parties involved what the expectations are at each age, as well as a guide to make sure the club has a unique identity and brand. I believe it will help create a much clearer pathway for each player to develop at a quicker rate, and bring more success to each team.