Commitment Policy

Syracuse Development Academy

Please Print and Return to your Team Manager

To be eligible for participation in any Syracuse Development Academy programs, prospective players, their parents or legal guardians, coaching staff and volunteers are required to agree to the Syracuse Development Academy’s Commitment Policy as explained in the the download above. If after you have read the Commitment Policy and you understand and agree to it, please print, complete, sign where indicated and return the appropriate form for participation.

Time Commitment:

➢Training/Tournaments: Players must commit to and use their best efforts to attend any and all practices and tournaments as scheduled by individual teams and to follow and agree to obey the coaches’ and officials’ instructions regarding playing techniques, training and other team rules. Should any player be unable to attend a scheduled practice or tournament, the player or his/her parent/guardian is responsible for providing timely notice to the appropriate coaching staff member.

➢Attendance at Team and Club Events: All players and their appropriate family members must commit to and use their best efforts to attend all team meetings and club events. Should any person be unable to attend any team meeting or club event, that person is solely responsible for obtaining any material or information presented at and complying with any procedures or policies announced at that meeting or event.

Financial Commitment:

Each player and his/her parent or legal guardian must commit to and pay the full tuition as outlined in the online enrollment documents/program. Commitment by the player and parent/guardian is signified by providing a first payment online by September 1, and full tuition is to be paid through payments by April 15 of the following year, with payment in full accepted any time. Because the team budgets rely solely on the financial commitments of its players, the Syracuse Development Academy will not refund any tuition monies or nullify any financial commitment unless good and sufficient cause is shown to the sole satisfaction of the Board of Directors of the Syracuse Development Academy. Any requests for refund or nullification of a financial commitment are to be made in writing with a statement of the refund amount requested and a brief statement of the circumstances necessitating a refund and are to be sent to Michael Paolini, Syracuse Development Academy.

Medical/Legal Release:

Participation in any sport or sport related activity could be a dangerous activity involving risks of injury, including significant impairment of long‐term health and well‐being, serious injury to virtually any part of the mind and body, and even worse. Each player and his/her parent or legal guardian therefore must confirm that the player is in good health and physically able to train and play in the Academy games and tournaments and further has no medical conditions or physical limitations that would prevent him/her from fully participating in the activities of the Academy. Each player and his/her parent or legal guardian also must immediately notify both the Syracuse Development Academy and the respective coaching staff of any conditions developing during the season that may prevent the player from continuing to participate fully in the activities of the Academy. Each player and his/her parent or legal guardian and must also waive any and all claims against the Syracuse Development Academy, its directors, officers, employees, coaching staff and volunteers by reason of any physical, mental or emotional injuries or otherwise alleged to have been caused by participation in any activities of the Academy.