Syracuse Development Academy prides itself in the product it produces on and off the field.  This starts with the coaches that are pushing, guiding and supporting your child to “Be their best.”  Whether this is being the best teammate, family member, coach, player, young adult, etc…. SDA wants everyone in the organization to “Be Your Best.”  Take a look at all the coaches that make up Syracuse Development Academy.  Each day they strive to “Be the best” coach, mentor, supporter and role model.  If you have any questions or comments about SDA, please contact us!

Boys Head Coach Assistant Coach
 ’09  Robie Robillard  Logan Roberts
 ’08  Andrew Coughlin  Michael Paolini
 ’07 Bo Jelovac
 ’06  Michael Kirmse Adam Olinski
 ’05  Tommy Tanner  Adam Olinski
 Noah Poissant
 ’04  Jukka Masalin  Josh McDonald
 ’03  Shannon Colton  Tom Bonus
 ’02  Anthony Scaravello  Kevin Schalk
 ’01  Kevin Schalk
 ’99/’00  Joe Papaleo  Ryan Hall
Girls Head Coach Assistant Coach
 ’09  Carmen Masalin
 ’08  Lauren Wiese  Dave Sebast
 ’07  Michael Paolini  Jackie Firenze
 ’06  Bo Jelovac  Shannon Colton
 ’05  Janine Bennett Jim Baranello
Jeff Crolic
 ’04  Jim Baranello Lauren Wiese
 ’03  Cory Christensen
 ’02  Ryan Hall
 ’01  Tommy Tanner  Robie Robillard
 ’99/’00  Michael Kirmse


Head Coaches Assistant Coach
 Goalkeepers  Andrew Coughlin
SDA Futures Youth Development 3-5yr olds  Carmen Masalin
 SDA Future Youth Development 6-8 yr olds  Shannon Colton  Michael Paolini
 SDA Women’s Team  Kevin Schalk


Boys College Liasons Girls College Liasons Staff Coaches
Kevin Schalk Michael Kirmse Bobby McQuatters
Michael Kirmse Michael Paolini Oscar Vergara
Michael Paolini Tommy Tanner Dave Sebast