The Marketing & Communications Intern is responsible for leading the Marketing, Communications, Web, and Social Media activities of the Syracuse Development Academy. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
 Communications activities related to the club
 Ongoing maintenance of, with guidance from our web development team, updates needed to the manager tool website via, and the registration web portal via
 Utilization of technology to support web applications, marketing/communications efforts, and ensuring appropriate messaging/branding
 Social media related activities
 Development and utilization of social media in support of media outreach, branding opportunities, and internal communications » Work with directors, Marketing & Communications Manager, and web manager to maintain social networking footprint
 Internal communications – presently known as “SDAInfo” to disseminate information to employees (coaches and team managers)
 Public affairs/project support –community relations. Supports integrated communication outreach programs » Works with directors and Marketing & Communications Manager to develop planning related to media outreach in support of club-wide goals and objectives
 Development of club wide publications, currently known as “SDANews” and “In the Net” 
 Coordinate maintenance of club website (, club management tool (via, and club registration tool ( with guidance from web development team
 Supports press release/media writing. Proactive media interaction/facilitation/placement – authorized to speak with the media
 Interfaces with Marketing and Communications Manager to ensure the following meet the standards of the club:
  • Create blog post ideas and updates 
  • Comprehends and promotes consistent messaging
  • Help develop effective marketing strategies
Minimum requirements 
Working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, communications, or public relations.
 Knowledge and understanding of pitching news ideas
 Knowledge of marketing communication strategies
 Demonstrated excellent writing and editing skills
 Use of social media to achieve club-wide goals
 Understand social media platforms – including Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc.
 Demonstrated experience in Microsoft Office
 Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team oriented environment
 Strong organizational skills and ability to multi task
 Strong problem solving abilities