About Us

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The SDA mission is to create the highest quality soccer program for youth players in Eastern/Western New York. We seek to provide local athletes a soccer environment that facilitates joy for the game and develops players for the highest level of play they are capable of.  Also, we seek to provide access to soccer opportunities within and outside the Upstate New York area.  Our goal is to develop girls and boys at the youth level through the world’s greatest game and we will continue growing that throughout Central New York.

Our Identity:

The style of soccer in the SDA has a coherent identity. SDA strives to breed excellence with all its players.  The SDA style of play is smart and methodical.

Our focus is not based on just winning games as a team. We instead emphasize practice sessions where players work on their individual skill.

This is attained with scientifically planned drills, practice schedules, fitness training, and a creative understanding of the game for a true well rounded player.

Our Style:

SDA’s Style is possession based. This style demands players to have proficient skills of ball control, as poor ball control will result in a turnover. This way means that many players touch the ball and develop their technical and tactical skills, flair and creativity.

All teams within the Syracuse Development Academy Program will play the same style of soccer:

-Zonal back four
-Pressing defense that can adjust to the appropriate situation
-The ability to build from the back and incorporate the goalkeeper into maintaining possession The ability to link with the target to gain the final third
-Attacking Style of Play that Emphasizes Possession, Combination Play and Individual Creativity

The system of play may vary based upon the ability of the players in the age group.

We look forward to the continued growth of Syracuse Development Academy and the success of soccer in Syracuse. We will be having team meetings in the near future to discuss training, league, and tournament plans for the upcoming season. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have during those meetings. If you have immediate questions, or want to learn more about us, please visit the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) page on Syracuse Development Academy’s website. Also find more information on our history and player alumni pages.